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Victoria Gana is an Architect with a focus on how the flow of information affects sustainable design. The information available affects the decisions taken during design. As an Architect who has a special interest in sustainability, the idea that we can anticipate and eliminate issues that can negatively impact our buildings through design is intruiging.


Trained as an Architect, Victoria graduated from the Federal University of Technology Minna, Nigeria before moving to the UK. After obtaining a master's degree in Construction Management and Economics from the University of Greenwich London, she began a 4 - year PhD study. researching the effects of introducing a management process called Soft Landings during design on the sustainability of buildings in the UK; under the supervision of Dr. Giridharan Renganathan at the Kent School of Architecture and planning in Canterbury, England. She graduated in 2018.


Victoria is passionate about the environment, and how Architects can contribute, reduce the effects that construction has on our environment. Victoria has presented her research in conferences all over the UK and was an undergraduate tutor at the Kent School of Architecture and Planning. She currently lives in London and is involved with several projects.







PhD. Architecture


Kent School of Architecture and Planning, University of Kent Canterbury, England - September 2013 to November 2018

Areas of reasearch: Sustainable design with the use of Soft Landing as a management style to help enhance the sustainability of commercial buildings. Information flow and relay during the design stage.


MSc. Construction Management and Economics

University of Greenwich, England - September 2008 to July 2009.

Area of Research: The Behaviour of Construction Companies during Recession Strategy of construction companies using streamlining and diversification.


M.Tech. Architectural Design


Federal University of Technology Minna, Nigeria - January 2001 to December 2002.

Focusing on Architectural design and Research Methods. 


B.Tech. Architectural Design


Federal University of Technology Minna, Nigeria -  January 1995 to December 2000.

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Personal Statement


Finding solutions to the ever - growing problem of limited resources in our world has been a challenge. In construction, we have to be able to utilise our assets by more collaborative working and smarter communication. The future of the industry lies in its ability to adapt to change, which is what sustainability is about. Companies must find construction and building projects. This is why my focus on sustainable design for my PhD was both timely and important. I studied a project delivery process called Soft Landings, which encourages all stakeholders to communicate smarter.


As a trained Architect with a Masters' in Construction Management and Economics, my passion in design gives me a unique perspective  on the beginning of a construction project. I discovered from my research that companies are reluctant to share information even when working on the same project. Soft Landings allows all stakeholders to receive, relay, and use information judiciously. This eliminates waste and saves time and energy on the project. 

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